Saturday, January 16, 2021

Winter's Simple Pleasures

 This book teaches the values and lessons of each season as seen in the life of an imaginary mouse. All of the hard work and effort of spring, summer, and fall culminate with the simple pleasures of winter and being inside when it is unwelcome outdoors. I am so glad I sought this book out by the author of the LITTLE BLUE TRUCK books. I read it as an ebook and I must admit, it was lovely in that format (on an iPad).


Friday, January 8, 2021

Beautiful celebration of love!

This beautiful book will warm your heart. It matches lovely pictures with the powerful lyrics of LOVE ME TENDER by Elvis Presley. (There is also an edition of this book in Spanish.) Priscilla Presley has authored an endnote and I like this sentence: "The lyrics to 'LOVE ME TENDER' are simple but timeless, and I hope they will resonate with people of every culture and race, and from every country."


Saturday, December 19, 2020

A new Christmas favorite!


A new Christmas favorite for me...although published several years ago now. This precious true story is about a little girl, Angela, who is so concerned about the welfare of baby Jesus in the manger in a cold church, that she "kidnaps" him to warm him up! The sweetness and kindness is what Christmas is all about. And the adults in the story are touched by a child's innocent point of view. So love this!

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

I love tutus, too!

 Precious! A counting book that is so cute. The sound "too" is repeated in so many ways. I laughed out loud when a phone call was made to 222-222-2222! 


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Go, marshmallows!


I loved this...the reader can say to him or herself..."yes, the ordinary things marshmallows do, I do, also". The reader can say to him or herself..."yes, the extraordinary things marshmallows do, I can do, also. I can use my imagination, I can stretch myself, I can think creatively". Deceptively simple with a terrific message. You will never look at marshmallows quite the same way again!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

The power of music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 November is picture book month! Thanks to

for finding this marvelous book to add to our library. It is a picture book written by Dan Brown…yes, that Dan Brown of The Da Vinci Code fame. The lush story line consists of shorts songs about different animals and then has a “lesson” on each page. Example of a lesson: “It’s important to give everything you’ve got! But don’t forget to rest and refill your tank.” The final scene of the book is a four page spread of all the animals playing together in an orchestra. So cool! I am old enough to be astounded by the wonders of technology. You can download an app (or go to a website) so that you can interact with the book and hear the musical piece that matches each animal. (One way to access the music is to hold your camera over the page. Another way is to follow the arrows through the app.) Of course, the grand finale with all the animals playing together is truly magnificent! All of the music is beautiful. There are orchestra halls globally planning to do these pieces as a full length show. I am excited for the day that the WILD SYMPHONY reaches our region!

Saturday, November 14, 2020

A world of gratitude to those who take it upon themselves to share BOOKS

This remarkable and uplifting story is about two Joses. One Jose is a garbage collector who finds books on his route and builds a library in his home. The second Jose is a child who cannot wait for Saturday when he can go visit the library and borrow books.

This book celebrates how books improve our quality of life!

The book is based upon a real gentleman (Jose Alberto Gutierrez) who built a library in his home and was a former garbage collector. He went back to school in his fifties and it took him three years to earn his high school diploma.  His current dream is to exchange his garbage truck for a truck full of books and travel the country. (He lives in the city of Bogota, Colombia). I am sure he will do it! Hurray!